How to Measure Bangles

Updated February 21, 2017

A bangle that is too tight is difficult to put on and take off, while one that is too loose can fly off with an excited gesture. The best way to determine the best bangle size for your hand is to take a measurement. A comfortable bangle size depends on the width of the hand, not the wrist. You may measure a bangle that fits well or measure your hand.

Place the bangle on a flat surface. Use the ruler to measure across the bangle in inches, from one inner edge to the other. This is the diameter.

Convert the measurement to a conventional bangle size. An inch consists of 16 sections. If the diameter measures 2 inches and 5/16 of an inch, then the conventional measurement is 2-5. Bangle sizes increase by 1, from 2-1 to 2-12, but many retailers prefer to increase the sizes by 2, from 2-2 to 2-12. Use the retailer's size chart as a guide when you are buying a bangle.

Determine the appropriate bangle size for your wrist. Stretch your hand out as if you are about to put on a bangle then put your thumb and little finger together. Measure around the widest part of your hand with a measuring tape. Make sure the tape is pulled tight. Convert this measurement to a conventional bangle size. When you are ready to purchase a bangle, purchase one that is a size larger than your measurement.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
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