How to Turn Off Read-Only Mode in OpenOffice

Written by david clair | 13/05/2017

OpenOffice is a free office software suite that allows you to open and edit documents created in other programs. If a document opens in a read-only mode, the software does not allow you to make any changes or add any content. Turning off read-only mode allows you to modify the document as desired and then save the changes.

Click the "Tools" link on the menu bar. Select "Options."

Click "" Select "Security."

Uncheck the box next to "Read-Only Mode." Click "OK."

Load the document into OpenOffice again.

Navigate to the table of contents section of the document, if present.

Right-click the table of contents. Click "Edit Index/Table."

Uncheck the box next to "Protected against manual changes." Click "OK."

Exit and Restart OpenOffice. Load the document. It appears in normal mode.

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