How to Fit Taps

Updated November 21, 2016

There are many reasons for people to want to change faucets on sinks, baths and showers. Over time the finish on the tap may start to fade and look unattractive, or the rubber fittings may perish, causing the taps to leak. Alternatively, a new bathroom or kitchen design may require the faucets to be changed to better keep with the style of the room.

Turn off the water supply to the taps that require changing. There should be an isolating handle underneath the sink or bathtub on the pipes leading to the faucet. Alternatively, turn the water off at the mains.

Open the taps to allow all the water still in the pipes to drain out. This will stop the floor of the bathroom or kitchen from being covered in water when you remove the taps. Keep the taps open during removal.

Remove the securing nut underneath the sink or bath. This nut is right at the end of the pipe leading to the taps. Hold the tap and rotate the spanner or wrench counter-clockwise to remove the nut. Gently move the pipe away from the opening so it does not interfere with the remaining tasks.

Place a spanner over the nut connected to the bottom of the old tap. A box spanner is best for this, but any spanner or wrench that fits will also work.

Remove this final nut and pull out the tap from above the sink.

Put the large rubber washer underneath the new tap before inserting it into place. Under the sink or bath, place the thin rubber washer and metal washer on the threaded part of the tap before tightening the top hat nut.

Tighten the top hat nut to finger tight before fully tightening it while holding the tap in place to ensure the faucet faces the correct way.

Replace and secure the pipe to the faucet.

Turn the water supply back on and test to see if water flows through the pipe.


Place some towels on the floor underneath where you will be working to ensure any water left in the pipe will not damage the floor. Sinks and baths can have very difficult-to-access pipes and nuts, making the task more difficult. Try using a range of different spanner and wrench designs.

Things You'll Need

  • New taps
  • Adjustable spanner or wrench
  • Box spanner
  • Towels
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