How to Repair Snags on a Silk Charmeuse

Silk charmeuse is a soft, delicate fabric that is shiny on one side and dull on the other. Silk charmeuse is lightweight, clingy and drapes well, making it a favourite for women's intimate apparel. For all its charm and elegance, silk charmeuse does have a tendency to snag. Snags cause the fabric to pucker and can spoil the smooth exterior of the garment. There are several ways to minimise the effect of the snag and salvage what could be a ruined garment.

Pull the fabric gently on both sides of the snag. This will minimise the snag and pull the strand back into place.

Run your thumb along the snag so that you pull the thread out a little more. Use a snag hook. Push the hook through the fabric from the bottom. Pick up the snag and pull it through the fabric so it is hidden.

Grab the thread and pull it free from the garment, for tightly woven silk. Use this as a last resort as it will leave a small gap in the fabric.

Iron the garment, on the setting for silk. This will smooth the material and draw the fibres back together.

Things You'll Need

  • Snag hook
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