How to Convert an RCA to a VGA Connector

Updated April 17, 2017

Convert a RCA cable to a VGA connector with an RCA-to-VGA adaptor cable. This adaptor cable can be used to connect a television to your computer, so that it can be used as an external monitor. You can find an RCA-to-VGA converter cable at many computer supply stores, or from online retailers. The VGA end of the cable adaptor can be plugged into your computer's VGA port. The other end is connected to your television's Video Input jacks using an RCA composite cable.

Plug the VGA end of the converter cable into your computer's VGA port. Consult your computer's manual for the location of its VGA port, since it may vary from model to model.

Plug the male ends of a RCA composite cable into the female RCA jacks on the RCA-to-VGA converter cable. Match each of the cables by colour for a proper connection.

Plug the remaining end of the RCA cable into your television's "Aux In" jacks. Match the colours of the RCA cable to the jacks accordingly. The VGA signal will be properly converted into RCA, which allows the computer's display output to be detected by your television.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA-to-VGA converter cable
  • RCA composite cable
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