How to stop being angry & bitter

Updated April 17, 2017

It is extremely difficult to get rid of deep anger and bitterness. You could spend years carrying these emotions inside you, resulting in depression or even substance abuse. You must rid yourself of these toxic feelings before your life is ruined. You owe it to yourself to get over the anger and bitterness and find peace in life.

Stop making excuses for your feelings. You can't overcome your anger or bitterness if you keep wallowing in it and making excuses about why you are angry and bitter. Vow to move on from the past. You are in control of your life and you can get rid of the anger and bitterness. When you start feeling bitter or angry, make a conscious effort to stop.

Forgive those who have caused you anger. This is difficult, but it is a necessary part of healing and moving on with life. Speak to the person who hurt you and tell him you forgive him. Alternatively, write a letter to the person who hurt you. Whatever you do you must forgive so that you can move on with your life.

Find ways to be grateful for what you have. Look around you and count your blessings. Perhaps you have a loving family or a good job. Make thankfulness and gratefulness a part of your everyday life. Keep a journal and write about the ways in which you are grateful. Your anger and bitterness will recede and eventually disappear as you become happier and more content with life.

Express your deep-rooted feelings of anger and bitterness. Perhaps you have kept it bottled up for years. You need to let it go, so talk to family or friends. You can even talk to a pastor or counsellor. The point is to talk about your feelings so that you can move on from the anger and bitterness.

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