How to Face Paint a Dog or Cat

Updated November 21, 2016

Children often want to have their faces painted to look like their pet cats or dogs. In face painting, cats and dogs are the two most commonly requested designs. The face painting patterns for cats and dogs are basic to learn and look darling. Practice these face painting designs so that you can paint a cat or a dog easily, quickly and effectively. Enjoy the looks on the children's faces when they see themselves painted as one of these two popular animals.

Load a face-painting sponge with white paint by dipping the edge of the sponge in water and then rotating it in paint. Paint the entire face white using round circular motions. Use a sponge to dab black around one eye. Dab rusty brown circles with a sponge randomly on the face to give the dog brown spots.

Load a medium round brush with red paint by dipping the brush in water and then rubbing it in paint. Paint a filled-in red loop to be the dog's tongue coming down from the mouth. Swish the medium round brush in water so that you can change the colour loaded on the brush. Paint the rest of the lips black, not painting over the red tongue. Still with the same brush, paint a thick black nose over the whole bottom part of the nose still using the medium round brush.

Use a fan brush to paint dark brown hair around the edge of the face. Do this by pressing the fan brush on the hairline and flicking inward about an inch toward the nose, lifting as you end the stroke. Paint this stroke along the hairline, jawline and up from the chin to paint a border of dark hair around the entire face.

Outline the black spot around the eye and all the brown spots on the face in black using a small round detail brush. Also paint a line from the mid-base of the nose to mid-top of the lip. Still using the small round brush, paint four dots on either side of that line. Outline the tongue in black. Paint a black line going from the bottom edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth and down to the bottom outer edge of the chin following the laugh lines with the small round brush.

Paint the entire face white with a face-painting sponge. Use a stipple sponge to dab brown down the bridge of the nose and on the cheeks.

Use a fan brush to paint black around the edge of the face flicking in an inch from the hairline, jawline and chin toward the nose. Use a medium round brush to paint a thin pink nose and pink lips.

Paint a black line with a small round detail brush from the mid-base of the nose to the mid-top of the lip. Paint three whiskers starting at the bottom of the nose and going outward about 1 1/2 inches onto each cheek using a teardrop stroke. This is done by starting with only the tip of the small round detail brush against the base of the nose and sliding outward, pressing as you slide and ending the stroke by pressing fully down.

Things You'll Need

  • Water-based face paint (white, red, black, rusty brown, dark brown, brown, pink)
  • Face-painting sponges
  • Water
  • Soft-bristled medium round brush
  • Soft-bristled fan brush
  • Soft-bristled small round detail brush
  • Stipple sponge
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