How to Reset a Motorola Pebl

Updated February 21, 2017

Motorola Pebl cellphones have two reset features you can use as troubleshooting steps in the event your phone is not working as it should. The first is called the master reset. On most cellphones, a master reset deletes all of the personal information and settings on the phone. On the Motorola Pebl, the master reset only deletes the settings. The second reset option is the master clear, which deletes all of your personal data and settings.

Press the menu button to open the Motorola Pebl main menu. The menu button is located above the up navigation button and has a "-" on it.

Press the navigation buttons to highlight "Settings" and then press the centre select key, which is the circular button in the middle of the navigation buttons.

Select "Initial Setup" and "Master Reset." A window will appear asking for you to input your security code.

Enter your security code using the Motorola Pebl keypad. If you have not changed the security code enter "000000."

Press the left soft key under the word "OK" to perform the master reset. The soft keys are the buttons to the left and right of the menu button. Each soft key has a dot on it and performs the action written on the screen above the buttons.

Press the menu button and select "Settings," "Initial Setup" and "Master Clear." A security code prompt will appear on the screen.

Input your security code using the phone keypad or enter the default "000000" code if you never changed it.

Push the left soft key under the word "OK" to perform the master clear. The phone will turn off and then turn on again when the master clear is complete.


You should back up your data before performing a master clear if you have information or files that you want to save.

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