How to Change CS 1.6 Resolution

Updated July 20, 2017

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter that can be played on the Internet and offline. The older version of CS--version 1.6--is among its most popular iterations, and the online fanbase surrounding CS 1.6 offers very competitive gameplay. CS 1.6 graphics can be modified for performance or visual upgrades, however most computers can run the game without any difficulty. You can change your screen resolution for CS 1.6 in 30 seconds using the game's "Options" menu.

Turn on your computer, and run the CS 1.6 game.

Click "Options" to enter the configuration settings for CS 1.6

Select the "Video" tab, and a menu with the screen resolution will appear.

Click the drop-down bar next to the resolution setting--which defaults to 800 x 600 pixels. Select a resolution that your monitor can display (1024 x 960 or 1650 x 1080 are recommended for the highest-quality graphics.)

Click "OK," and the CS 1.6 game with save your configuration settings and adjust your monitor's screen resolution instantly. You can modify your resolution at any time by pressing "Esc" in a game and then selecting the "Video" tab under the "Options" menu.


Higher resolutions will slow your computer's performance, whereas lower resolutions (800 x 600 and 640 x 400 pixels) will sacrifice graphical quality for increased hardware performance.

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