How to Worm Kittens

Updated November 22, 2016

It is very common for kittens to have worms. They often get them directly from their mother, or from fleas that they swallow while nursing. There are different kinds of worms that kittens may have, and how the worms are treated depends on the type of worms and the specific wormer being used.

Verify that the kitten requires worming for both roundworms and tapeworms. Drontal will kill both and is commonly used when both types of worms are present. This is a normal situation in kittens.

Weigh the kitten because the dosage of this medication is calculated based on body weight. Be as accurate as you can. Don't give Drontal to kittens under one month of age unless specifically directed to by your veterinarian.

Prepare the medication as directed on the label. The standard dosage for Drontal is ¼ tablet for kittens that weigh 1.5 to 1.9 pounds, kittens from 0.907 to 1.36 Kilogram are given ½ tablet, and kittens that weigh from 4 to 8 pounds get one full tablet.

Hold the kitten securely in order to give it the pill. Wrap it carefully in a towel, leaving only its head exposed, so it can't claw you. Have an assistant hold the kitten for you if possible.

Gently open the kitten's mouth and put the pill as far back on its tongue as possible. Quickly close its mouth and stroke its throat in a downward motion to stimulate swallowing. Once the kitten has swallowed the pill it can be released.


Drontal can be given mixed in with a highly desirable food, if you prefer, but it is essential to make sure the kitten eats all of the food and the pill. Some over-the-counter wormers, such as piperazine, are available at pet shops and feed stores. Read the product label carefully and follow all directions for best results. Repeat worming with all products as directed, since wormers will kill only the worms in the kitten's intestine and will not kill eggs or larvae elsewhere in the body. A repeat worming will kill the rest of the worms, though sometimes it may take a third time to get them all.


Never give any kind of wormer to a kitten less than 4 weeks old unless your veterinarian approves. Some wormers are safe for kittens as young as two weeks, but other wormers can seriously harm or kill very young animals. Do not worm for parasites other than roundworms unless you actually see the worms, such as tapeworm segments, or the presence of other worms is confirmed microscopically. Do not give over-the-counter wormers to kittens under six weeks of age.

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