How to make a clothesline in photoshop

Updated July 20, 2017

A digital clothesline holds more than digital wet laundry. This streamlined graphic is perfect for stretching across blog headers, baby shower announcements and bridal shower invitations. Hang digital photographs along a blog header or baby onsies and diapers on an infant invitation or announcement. Lacy lingerie hung across a clothesline adds a cheeky accent to a bridal shower invitation. Hang any favourite images from a digital clothesline.

Open Photoshop and create a new document with the desired width of the clothesline. Change the background to transparent and the colour mode to RGB.

Click on the Brush tool in the Tools palette. Press the "X" key on the keyboard to make the foreground colour white. Choose a hard-edged brush in the Brush menu at the top of the screen. Change the brush size to three pixels. Click on the Pen tool in the Tools palette.

Draw a line from one edge of the document to the other, dipping downward in the centre. Right-click on top of the path and select Stroke Path. Choose a brush from the pop-up menu and click OK. Press the Control and "H" keys simultaneously on the keyboard to hide the path and show the white clothesline.

Open the image file to hang from the clothesline. Click on the image and drag it onto the clothesline document. Press the Control and "T" keys on the keyboard to select the Free Transform tool.

Press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard. Click and drag a corner of the image to hang. This will resize it without distorting the proportions. Once the image is proportionate to the clothesline, press the Enter key. Move the image below the clothesline. Repeat with any additional images to add to the clothesline.

Add realism to the hanging image through warping. Click Edit to open the Edit menu and select Transform, then Warp. Click and drag the points around the image until it sags a bit in the centre.

Double-click on the Layers icon to bring up the Layers Style menu. Click on the box next to Drop Shadow and manipulate the settings as desired. Press OK when finished.

Open .png format clothespin image. Click and drag it onto the clothesline document. Transform it to a realistic size and move it on top of the clothesline and the hanging image. Place it on one corner of the image to "hang" the image. Right-click on the clothespin layer and select Duplicate Layer from the pop-up menu. Place the second pin on the opposite corner of the image and rotate the pin if needed. Repeat these steps until all hanging images are attach to the clothesline.

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