How to Teach a Boy to Pee in a Urinal

Updated March 23, 2017

While potty training a boy is challenging enough, getting him to use the urinal may seem like a particularly daunting task. Potty training generally should begin at about 18 months of age -- although he may not be ready until as late as 3 years old -- and it's best to start a boy off sitting down so he can master the basics. Once he has, it's time to help him with standing and peeing, and you can follow a few steps to make sure he gets it right.

Recruit the young boy's father, uncle, older brother or another close male figure to serve as the model.

Instruct the model to use the urinal first and tell the boy to watch from behind to see the right way to do it.

Tell the boy to give it a try in his potty chair. Make it into a game by putting some O-shaped cereal in the toilet to give him something to aim at.

Let him keep trying until he figures it out. When he masters doing it in his own potty, tell him to try it out on an actual urinal that is low enough for him to reach.


Be encouraging throughout the process and don't let him get discouraged. Potty training of all kinds requires patience. If your child is having difficulty with it or seems particularly reluctant, take a break for a few days before trying again. Try giving him some privacy so he can go at his own pace.

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