Easy to Make Male Medieval Peasant Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

Apparel was one of the ways in which social classes were separated during Medieval times. The different social classes wore clothing in styles and fabrics based on which class they belonged. Medieval peasants wore simple outfits made of cotton or linen fabric in plain colours with little to no embellishment.

Wear a tunic-style linen shirt in a plain, muted colour such as white or beige. The shirt should extend from mid-thigh to knee-length and be loose- fitting.

Put on the leather belt. It should be worn around your waist on the outside of the tunic.

Put on the cotton trousers or leggings. These should be plain-coloured and free of any visible zippers, buttons, or embellishments.

Wear the slip-on shoes. Peasants in medieval times mainly wore cotton shoes, also in plain colours with no decoration.


Look for a tunic and fabric shoes in thrift shops or costume stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Linen tunic
  • Simple leather belt
  • Cotton trousers or loosefitting leggings
  • Slip-on fabric shoes
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