How to Get Surround Sound to Work in Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Updated March 23, 2017

Media Player Classic Home Cinema, or MPC, is a standard media player for Microsoft Windows that resembles Windows Media Player version 6.4. Unlike Windows Media Player 6.4, Media Player Classic Home Cinema can play almost any audio and video format on the Web. AC3, or Dolby Digital Surround Sound, is a type of audio coding developed by Dolby. AC3Filter is a free filter with high-quality sound that allows you to play back videos on your media player such as Media Player Classic Home Cinema. You can get surround sound to work with MPC by using the built-in AC3filter.

Start the Media Player Classic Home Cinema media player.

Click "File" and then "Open File" to load a video you want to play.

Click "Options" and then scroll down to "Internal Filters." Ensure the "AC3" box has a checkmark. If the "AC3" box does not have a checkmark and surround sound still does not work, click "External Filters" on the left side of Media Player Classic. You are adding a filter to the media player. Click "Add Filter" and then click "AC3 Filter." Click "OK" to add the filter to Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

Click "OK" to exit out of the options menu.

Click "Play" to play the video file. Surround sound should work.


Ensure your surround sound speakers are connected to your PC.

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