How to Take a Relationship Slow & Easy

Updated March 18, 2017

If you are in a new relationship with someone who you truly care about and you wish to see it succeed, the last thing you want to do is take things too fast and jeopardise the entire thing. When starting a relationship, it is important to exercise caution and be slow in taking it to a new level. Relationships are about knowing each other and having the confidence and comfort to tackle tough situations and pressures. Be safe by taking the slow and gradual road to relationship happiness.

Talk a lot to the person you are dating. In the beginning stages of a relationship, people are often so overcome by infatuation that they do not spend sufficient time getting to know the other person. Take things slowly by communicating a lot, whether it is in person, through e-mail, instant messages or on the phone. Avoid rushing into intimacy without even knowing what the person is like. Take time to learn about him, from how responsive and responsible he is to his opinions on major issues in life.

Enjoy group dates. One way to take a relationship slowly is by going on group dates together, instead of just one-on-one situations. Group dates are casual and fun, and you can enjoy being around the other person in a lighthearted, friendly setting. These kinds of outings are an effective way to learn about someone without all of the other pressures and expectations of a traditional date.

Free up your mental space. One of the potential dangers of a new relationship is thinking about someone all of the time. If you go into a relationship with all of your hopes and expectations pinned onto one person, then the relationship has already taken a more serious tone. Restrict the amount of time you spend thinking about the other person, which will prevent you from getting too attached if things don't go your way. Stay away from preoccupation and obsession, both of which are things that can take you down a tricky road.

Abstain from talking about your future as a couple. A common pitfall that people sometimes make in relationships is talking prematurely about a future together as a couple. If you want to take a relationship slow and easy, planning your future as a couple is absolutely the last thing you want to do. Talking about future plans together is also a sure-fire way to scare someone away and make her think that you are clingy and possessive. Speak about your future from an individualistic point of view, and leave the other person out of it, at least for the time being.

Give each other space. Just because you are in a relationship with someone doesn't mean that you have to be around each other 24 hours, seven days a week. Allow each other freedom by encouraging personal activities, hanging out with other friends, leading independent social lives, and engaging in solo interests. Also, the more independent the both of you are as people, the more interesting you will probably be to be around, leading to a better chance of lasting success as a couple. Avoid suffocating your partner, and remember that you are your own person, too.


Always remember that there are a lot of fish in the sea if this relationship doesn't work out. If your partner doesn't approve of your slow approach to a relationship, consider looking for someone else who will share how you feel. Never let anyone pressure you into rushing into a serious situation if you do not feel ready.

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