How to Weld Words in Inkscape

Updated April 17, 2017

One of Inkscape's greatest strengths is the many powerful tools it contains for manipulating paths and creating complex shapes algorithmically. Welding is a simple task in Inkscape. The tool for welding is called "Union," and it creates a single shape out of many, unifying the style in the process. In order to use the "Union" tool on text objects, you must first convert the object into a path.

Create text with Inkscape's "Text" tool. The "Text" tool is located on the left side of the Inkscape window. Click it, then click and drag inside the canvas to create a text box. Type the text you want to weld.

Press "Ctrl" and "Shift", then "C" to convert the text into a group of paths. Press "Ctrl" and "Shift," then "G" to ungroup the paths.

Move the individual letters so they overlap. Click the "Select" tool, which has a mouse cursor on it, then click the empty canvas to deselect the currently-selected letters. Click one letter to select it, then press the arrow keys to move it, repeating the process for the other letters. If you are working with a script or cursive font, move the letters horizontally. You can also move the letters by changing their coordinates directly. The XY-coordinates for the letter is located on the top of the screen. Increasing the number for the "X" coordinate will move the letter to the right.

Select all letters by clicking and dragging a selection box around them.

Go to "Path" and click "Union" to weld the words together.


After converting the text to a path, you will no longer be able to type new text. Make sure your text is typo-free first.

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