How to Flirt With a Guy Without Making It Obvious

Written by zora hughes
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How to Flirt With a Guy Without Making It Obvious
Subtly flirt with your crush by smiling and laughing at his jokes. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

It can be frustrating to be around a guy you really like but who has no clue that you do, or who barely notices you. You need to find a way to get his attention without being overly obvious about it. Flirting is an important step in getting the attention of a guy you're interested in, but going overboard can be a turn-off. The key to flirting is to pique his interest in subtle ways.

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    Dress well. Making a good impression on the guy you are interested in is the first key to getting his attention. You don't want to dress in an overtly sexual way, but you don't want to dress like a slob, either. Guys notice physical appearance, so you need to care about how you look, making sure that your clothes are neat and they fit you properly. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb if you're into fashion. It can only make you get noticed more.

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    Make good eye contact. If the guy is across the room from you, look at him until you catch his gaze, then look away. However, you don't want to stare too much because then it becomes obvious. Keep eye contact whenever he is speaking with you, and look as if you are really interested in what he is saying. When you're saying goodbye, hold his gaze for a few seconds before turning away.

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    Smile and laugh at lot. Smiling a lot is a big hint to let a guy know that you are comfortable around him and enjoy his company. Big, genuine smiles also show that you are a happy, cool person with whom to spend time. If he likes to joke around a lot, laugh at his jokes, even if they're not that funny. Also, glance down at his lips several times when he is speaking, then back up at him; this gives him an indication that you would not mind kissing him one day.

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    Compliment him. If you like the way he dresses, tell him so. Or, if he's really good at something, such as a sport, tell him how cool you think that is. Then strike up a conversation about it. He'll be flattered that someone appreciates his passion or his interest. Go one step further and ask him if he could give you some pointers. For instance, if he plays basketball a lot, ask him if he'll help you improve your game on the court sometime.

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    Make physical contact. Touching is a big yet still subtle way to flirt. Brushing his shoulder with your own or playfully pushing him indicates that you're comfortable in close proximity to him. Touching him lightly on the knee, brushing his hair out of his face, or touching his hands are hints that you want to be even closer to him.

Tips and warnings

  • Always let him know that you're looking forward to seeing him again before you leave.
  • Back off if he is not receptive to your signals. If he doesn't smile back at you a lot, if he recoils at your touch, or if he seems bored when the two of you are talking, he's probably not that into you. Save yourself any embarrassment and move on.

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