How to Note Attachments on a Letter

Written by ngalula kabutakapua | 13/05/2017
How to Note Attachments on a Letter
The attachment notation shows there are more documents to be seen. (Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

Formal letters sometimes don't end with a salutation but include an attachment notation. Attachment notations are used to warn the reader there are other documents included with the letter itself. The document attached can be a check, a resume, an invoice or a photograph. You can list all the items attached with the letter by writing down their names or you can give each of them an identification number. When writing a note of attachment, you specify that additional documents are stapled or clipped to the letter.

Leave space after the letter salutation. The attachment should be keyed a single or double space below the previous line.

Write the word "Attachment." You can writing the extended word or you can abbreviate it. For example, you can write: "Attach.," "Att." or "Attachment."

Identify the attachment. Do this by giving the name of the documents attached after a colon, or by assigning a number to each attachment. Remember, the number cited under the attachment line should be the same number the reader will find on the attached document.

Check the spelling of the notation. Also, assure the attachment is well refenced. You could write: "Attachment: Application form" or "Attachment 2" or "Att. 2."

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