How to see my tweets in tweetdeck

Written by sophie southern | 13/05/2017

TweetDeck is a desktop and mobile Twitter client that uses a system of columns to help you manage multiple Twitter accounts. While you can create columns for your Twitter stream, mentions and retweets, direct messages, lists, groups and searches, the desktop version TweetDeck does not provide a method to create a column with only your own tweets. The only way to view your own tweets in the desktop version of TweetDeck is to locate your username to view your profile.

Open TweetDeck on your computer.

Locate your username in one of your tweets, replies, retweets or direct messages.

Click your username to view your profile in a quick window. A quick window is a column that opens in TweetDeck to let you view certain information, but you cannot set it up to display as a permanent column.

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