How to Plan a Successful Charity Fundraising Event

Updated February 21, 2017

Charity fundraising events are an effective way to raise awareness about an issue while also collecting money from supporters. Most fundraising events rely on local businesses and philanthropists to donate goods or services for the fundraiser to offset the overhead costs of putting on the event. Careful financial planning is necessary to ensure your fundraising event will go off successfully.

Begin planning as far ahead of the fundraising event as possible. Decide on a model for the event, such as a banquet, silent auction, goods sale or even a car wash. Book the space for your event as soon as you decide on a format to ensure your fundraiser has a location locked down.

Approach local businesses to ask for their support with the fundraiser. Ask if they can volunteer goods, services or employees to work the event. Many businesses will be happy to offer help for charity fundraisers if you are able to drum up positive publicity for them in return. Offer them the opportunity to be an official sponsor. List the names of these businesses in news releases or flyers you will use to advertise the event.

Advertise the event in local newspapers and through channels that will reach your target audience. For example, place ads in large city magazines or newspapers if you are putting on an upscale banquet, or post paper flyers around the city for bake sales and neighbourhood garage sales.

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