How to Stop a Pond Connection From Leaking

Written by ris lexington | 13/05/2017

Proper set-up and routine maintenance are vital to the appearance of your pond, and the health of its aquatic life. A loose connection between a pump and a hose may cause a leak, and even affect the oxygen levels of the water. Waterfalls, fountains and spitting pond statues all require tubing and hoses. Periodically check these connections for holes.

Examine each piece of flex hose and tubing -- used on waterfalls, fountains and spitting pond statues -- for cracks or holes. Submerge hoses and tubing under water; watch for the presence of tiny air bubbles. Air bubbles indicate a hole in the hose or tubing. You must replace these damaged items.

Ensure a proper connection between the PVC flex hose and the discharge nozzle on the submersible pump. A loose connection will affect the performance of the pump, reducing a waterfall to little more than a slow trickle. Use a hose clamp to secure the discharge hose to the nozzle of the pump.

Troubleshoot a spitting pond statue. Examine the connection between the submersible pump and the connector on the base of the statue. A leak may indicate a loose connection; ensure a tight connection between both the pump and the connector on the statue.

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