How to Forget Your Crush & Move On

Updated February 21, 2017

Having a crush on someone who doesn't reciprocate your feelings is a painful experience. When you see there's no chance of your crush liking you back, it's important to move on with your life. Though it can be a difficult process, getting over your crush is something that is healthy for you. Once you move on, you can open your eyes to new possibilities and perhaps find a new crush.

Hang out with friends and reconfirm old bonds. While you were nursing the crush, you may have fallen out of contact with the people who are really important to you. Reconnect with the important people in your life to remind yourself that there are happy times once you forget about your crush.

Stop talking about your crush. During a crush, your friends and family may have received an earful about the other person. Instead, talk about you and what you have been doing lately. It takes a while to break this habit, but it is essential for moving on. The people closest to you will be interested to hear new information from you, too.

Take care of yourself by eating healthy foods and getting active. Having a crush on someone devotes a significant amount of energy to the pursuit, and getting active helps break you out of your rut. Join a gym or a sports team to meet new people and take your mind off the crush.

Get out of the house to meet new people, try new experiences and even take a trip with friends. After you have decided to let go of a crush, you may feel at a loss or a desire to stay at home. While time to yourself is important, make it a priority to get out of the house. The more new experiences you can add to your life, the easier it is to put a crush behind you.

Ask your friends for help. Getting over a crush can create a sense of significant loss, so ask your friends to keep you distracted. You may ask them for help with dates or you can simply arrange to go out with them and have some fun.

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