How to be more affectionate to my girlfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

Showing affection is an important part of romantic relationships; along with the immediate warm feeling it produces, affection also creates intimacy, establishes an important bond and shows your girlfriend how much you care. Despite being a crucial part of a relationship and a cause of great happiness, affection can be a challenging thing for many men to show to their girlfriends. With some basic steps, it can be easier for a boyfriend to be more affectionate to his girlfriend and make their relationship closer than ever.

Express your feelings. Sharing how you feel doesn't need to be a dramatic event. For example, if you love her laugh, tell her the next time she giggles. If she surprises you with a carton of ice cream, let her know you appreciate how generous she is. Letting her know how you feel about her and the things she does is an easy way to show affection and will be sure to put a smile on her face.

Squeeze a few random acts of affection into every day that you're together. Sweep her off her feet with little gestures, such as putting your arms around her while she's doing the dishes, holding her hand as you walk down the street or even a giving her a tiny peck on the cheek while you're riding the subway.

Set aside some quiet time. Turn off the TV, computers and cell phones and enjoy each other's company. Focusing your attention on your girlfriend is a simple way to be more affectionate.

Give your girlfriend a massage. A soothing back rub is a tender and intimate way to let your girlfriend relax after a long, stressful day. Dedicating your time and physically touching your partner is a great way to be more affectionate.

Surprise her. A surprise is guaranteed to make your girlfriend's day. Send her flowers at work, plan a special date, or light some candles and cook her a special dinner. Your surprise shows dedication and care and is a wonderful affectionate gesture.

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