How to Put Animated GIFs in PowerPoint

Written by erin mcmanaway | 13/05/2017

PowerPoint is the slideshow presentation software that comes packaged with the Microsoft Office software suite. You can add images next to your text on the slides to help highlight and supplement the information in your presentation. An animated GIF is a small animated image, which often continuously plays in an animated loop. PowerPoint considers an animated GIF as media, and you must embed the file as media in your presentation.

Open the presentation in PowerPoint and click on the slide where you would like to place your animated GIF.

Navigate to the "Insert" tab on the top toolbar.

Click the arrow under "Video," then select "Video from file."

Browse your computer for the animated GIF file. You may need to select "All Files" from the drop-down menu to view your GIF images.

Double-click the animated GIF file to insert it in your slide. When you view the slide show, you will see the image animate.

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