How to Polish a Montblanc Pen

Updated February 21, 2017

Mont Blanc pens are not only noted writing instruments, but sought after collectibles, as well. There are few things that damage the value of a collectable more than attempting to restore it, but cleaning and polishing your Mont Blanc pen, whether it is new and simply dirty or fifty years old and showing its age can be done at home. Avoid attempting to polish pearl pens, as practically any chemical will damage the finish.

Hold the pen securely in one hand. Avoid polishing any part of the pen aside from the outside surface with the piano polish.

Spray the piano polish directly onto the surface of the pen and allow it to sit for a few seconds.

Rub the pen gently with the eyeglass cleaning cloth. Remove excess liquid under the clip and around the band.

Moisten the tip of the cotton swab with a small amount of metal polish, and then use it to polish the clip, band and writing nib. Use the dry end of the cotton swab to polish the metal parts of the pen after you've applied the metal polish.

Wipe the pen once again with the eyeglass cleaning cloth. Remove any remaining polish.


For simple cleaning of a Mont Blanc pen, all you need is a small amount of water and a clean rag.


Avoid polishing antique Mont Blanc pens, as this can significantly impact the collectable value of the piece. Also, avoid using cleaning agents on Mont Blanc pens that have pearl decorative pieces.

Things You'll Need

  • Eyeglass cleaning cloth
  • Piano polish spray
  • Cotton swabs
  • Metal polish for gold
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