How to Restore Dried Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are used for a variety of purposes. Craft projects in school or at home, sealing envelopes and gluing pictures to albums are just a few of the many uses. Craft sticks dry out over time, when the lid is left off and may even be dry in the container when purchased new. Instead of discarding dried glue sticks, revive them! The process takes just a few seconds and is done in the microwave.

Place the dried glue stick in the microwave with the lid on the container.

Microwave the dried glue stick for five seconds.

Remove the glue stick from the microwave. Allow the glue stick to cool for 15 seconds.

Open the glue stick and check to see if it is completely rejuvenated. Place the glue stick in the microwave for five more seconds. Allow the glue stick to cool for 15 seconds before use.


Do not leave the glue stick in the microwave for more than five seconds at a time due to the glue melting if left in for longer time periods.

Things You'll Need

  • Dried glue stick
  • Microwave
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