How to firm up fast in the top of the legs

Updated March 23, 2017

The top parts of the legs, or your thighs, are a potential trouble spot, especially for women. Fat tends to gather on the thighs and hips, resulting in cellulite and thick legs. To get rid of the cellulite and give the legs a firming boost, two habits must form: healthy eating and more exercise.

Adjust your diet. Firm legs start with what you eat. Cut out any processed foods or junk food and add more whole grains and healthy options. For example, start eating whole wheat bread rather than white bread, eat more fruits and vegetables and add more lean meats for protein.

Stretch out your muscles. Take time every day to stretch before you start any workout routine. Otherwise, you will risk injuries from pulls or sprains. Stretching before exercising warms up and loosens your muscles.

Run up hills. According to Real Women's Fitness, hill sprints are good for losing weight while also toning your legs. Add these to your daily routine.

Add inner thigh blasters to the exercise regimen. Inner thigh blasters start with the feet together and hands on the hips. Lift one leg out to the side until it is about the height of your knee or as high as you can get it. Slowly lower the leg back down and then repeat, breathing in when you bring your leg down and breathing out as you lift up. Repeat ten times then do the other leg. This helps firm up the inner thighs.

Lie on your stomach and work on face down leg lifts. Put your forehead on your arms and tuck in your stomach so it pulls tight. Take one leg and lift it up as high as comfortable without bending the knee and exhale. Inhale and bring your leg down slowly. Repeat ten times and then switch legs. This exercise helps tighten the buns and the back of your thighs.

Hold weights when doing lunges or squats. Adding weight to your body weight while working on either lunges or squats will intensify the workout and provide faster results in firming.

Vary your exercises each day. Make adjustments and change your exercise routine around so each day is different. For example, work on squats and lunges with 10 minutes of hill sprints one day and then do 20 minutes of hill sprints combined with inner thigh blasters and stomach-down backward leg lifts. The next day do lunges and thigh blasters with five minutes of hill sprints. The variable exercise routines will prevent your body from adjusting to the routine.


Drink plenty of water. Real Women's Fitness suggests that water will help keep your legs tights while also helping you to lose weight and stay full through the day. Stretch before, between and after your workouts to keep the legs flexible.

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