How to make fabric covers for plastic bins

Updated February 21, 2017

When your storage space is filled to the brim, you have no choice but to store things in plain sight. Fabric covers help plastic storage boxes blend into your room's decor. Turn a large bin into a small table with a cover that serves as a table cloth, or create a colour-coded cover system for the small storage boxes on your shelves. Use a crisp, heavy fabric such as twill or denim for best results.

Measure the height, width and length of the bin. Add 2 inches to each of these dimensions for seam allowances and ease.

Cut two rectangles of fabric for the sides of the cover using the height and width measurements. Cut the front and back pieces using the height and length measurements. Cut one rectangle for the top of the cover using the width and length measurements

Pin the side edges of the front and back pieces to the side edges of the end pieces. Pin them with the right sides of the fabric together.

Sew the fabric together as pinned with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. This will make a ring of fabric for the sides of the cover.

Pin the top edges of the fabric ring to the top piece of fabric. Pin the edges of the top to the sides of the rectangle matching the corners to the seams.

Sew the top to the sides with a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

Clip the corners of the seam allowance at a 45-degree angle.

Iron up a 1/2-inch hem in the bottom edge and sew it in place.

Turn the cover right-side out.


Add fusible interfacing if you wish to use lightweight fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Iron
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