How to Make an Amish Shawl

Updated July 20, 2017

Amish women dress in plain, simple clothing to keep within their strict religious principles. Their attire is not brightly coloured or contemporary looking and neither are their handmade shawls. Amish women create their own shawls by sewing, knitting, or crocheting them in dark-coloured material or yarn. Making an Amish shawl by means of crochet is not complicated. Using vintage crochet to create the shawl would probably be better than modern crochet.

Choose a thicker type of yarn in one main dark colour, such as navy, black, or brown. Use a large crochet hook approximating K, N, or P to work with this chunky style of yarn. These two elements are essential for crocheting the shawl in the correct gauge. The shawl will work up rapidly by using a bigger crochet hook and bulkier yarn.

Crochet a sample swatch about 5 inches square to make sure your stitches meet the correct gauge between the yarn thickness and hook size.

Select a crocheted shawl pattern that is not too modern or gaudy. A plain and simple pattern is best.

Crochet a chain of approximately 150 stitches or the width you want the shawl to be. Make sure it wraps around the arms, shoulders, and back with a little extra to grab in the centre of the body. Measure the chain around the body to make sure it will be the correct size. Work in rows of single, half, or double crochet until it is the proper length. Fasten off and work in the yarn ends.

An option would be to crochet a number of granny squares in the darker colours and sew them together to make a shawl.or fold a very large granny square on the angle and wear it as a nice warm shawl.


Research free vintage crochet shawl patterns on the Internet to find the perfect pattern to make an Amish shawl.

Things You'll Need

  • Chunky yarn
  • Large crochet hook
  • Scissors
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