How to Write a Letter to Your Manager About Interest in a Promotion

Updated March 23, 2017

If you hear about an opening within your company or you simply would like a promotion, write a letter to your manager expressing your interest. Sometimes employees write these letters when an opening becomes available within the organisation, but other times employees feel like they deserve a promotion. If you feel like you deserve an advancement in your company, let your direct manager know. Tell him why you feel you deserve it and offer reasons why you would be a great candidate.

Research the position. If the position has been posted, look into the responsibilities and duties involved to become familiar with the job. If you are seeking a promotion, develop a position within the organisation that there is a need for. Write down what the job title would be, the duties and the benefits from it. By understanding the position, you will be able to write this letter in a direct manner.

Begin the letter. Date the letter and address it to your manager.

Introduce yourself. Your manager most likely already knows you, but this is a great opportunity to offer more details to him about yourself. State the length of time you have worked at the company and the job position you hold. Include any achievements or awards you have recently received.

Express your desire for advancement. Describe to your manager that you are looking for a more challenging position. You desire a job also that would help your career move forward and advance within the company. State that you heard about the opening or that you have an idea for a new position.

Discuss your qualifications. Tell your manager in a direct, yet polite manner why you believe you would be the best candidate for this position. Include details about your skills, qualifications and continued education. Describe the benefits the company would receive if you were promoted.

Offer references. If other employees in the company have offered recommendations to you that they believe you would be a great candidate, offer names and offer to give him letters of recommendation from these individuals.

Ask for a meeting. Express to your manager that you would like to meet with him to discuss this matter. Ask him directly for a meeting time.

Close the letter. Thank him for considering this matter and sign your name at the bottom. Include your contact information, such as your phone number and e-mail address.

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