How to Find Out Who Called My Land Line Phone

Updated March 23, 2017

Most phone providers maintain records of all incoming and outgoing calls to and from your landline phone. Depending on your particular phone company, you can even view calls made to your phone online from a computer or Web-enabled phone. Whether you need to track harassing callers or monitor a family member's phone activity, resources exist to help you identify the source of incoming calls.

Navigate to your phone provider's website if your the phone company offers online account service. Click "My Account" or a similarly named option.

Log into your account using your user ID and password or 10-digit phone number and password. Click "Call Details" or "Call Records." Depending on your particular phone carrier, you might be able to download a PDF version of your call records.

View and examine your call records. Be sure to print a copy for your personal files. Scan the document and locate the "Incoming Calls" section or column. Most phone records are arranged by date and time. Circle the calls with a pen or use a highlighter to make it easier to view calls from a particular phone number.

Contact your phone provider and request your incoming call records. To discuss any issues related to your account, most phone companies require account holders to provide a passcode, the last four digits of a Social Security number or any combination of personal identifying information. Some companies will send a copy to your home address for free, while others might charge a fee.


If you feel threatened by disturbing or harassing phone calls, contact your phone provider and file a report with a local law-enforcement agency.

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