How to Know if a Guy Is Avoiding You

Updated April 17, 2017

Anytime someone in your life is avoiding you, it can hurt your feelings. But when this someone is a guy that you are in a relationship with, the heartache can be quite painful and can take a toll on your emotions. A guy that is into his girlfriend will have frequent communication with her on a daily, if not weekly, basis. Determining whether your boyfriend is avoiding you can help you decide whether or not to salvage or break off the relationship.

Note if he has not been interested in doing things together, such as going to the movies or going out to dinner on the weekend, classic "date night" time. Guys usually want to be with their girlfriends as much as they can, even when they are busy with other things in life. If he's making excuses anytime you ask him to hang out, he has a reason for avoiding you. He may be losing interest in the relationship.

Notice if he fails to follow through on plans. If your boyfriend does agree to go on a date but backs out at the last minute because of excuses such as a family emergency or work meeting, this is a sign he is avoiding you. If he was actually interested, he would be eager to spend time with you.

Listen for excuses as to why he finds it impossible to contact you. These may include that he can't call you back because of weird issues with his cell phone, he can't access his voice mail, his e-mail won't let him sign in and he does not know how to access it, or you are no longer allowed to call him at work when this was not an issue before. These excuses are his way of telling you that he is avoiding you.

Note if he always wants to hang out with his friends. Although a guy in a relationship should still maintain his friendships, he should make time for his girlfriend. If your boyfriend prefers to hang out with his friends instead of being with you, it is another hint that he is avoiding you.

Observe if the phone call pattern has changed. Most couples have set a certain time of the day, such as after work or before bed, when they communicate on the phone. If your boyfriend has not called you on these particular days like in the past, something is up.

Call him. If he's not picking up his cell phone, leave a brief message on his voice mail saying you are concerned about his lack of contact. Ask him if something is bothering him. Ask that he call you back. If he does not call you, this shows that he is disregarding your feelings. If he wanted to speak to you, you would hear from him.

E-mail him on Facebook, if he has a Facebook account. Ask him why he has not contacted you. Tell him that you miss him, and ask if you did something to upset him. Check your boyfriend's Facebook profile and see if there is any evidence that he has been on Facebook, such as having posted a status message or having posted on a friend's wall. If he does not e-mail you, then he may be avoiding you.

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