How to Make a Toilet Lid Stay Up With a Toilet Cover

A toilet lid that will not stay up is a common problem, especially when it has a cover. This problem can be an annoyance to anyone, and is resolved fairly easily by using one of two tactics. Many toilet seats are designed with adjustable bolts that are able to be moved forward so the seat will stay in the open position. If this solution is not an option, Velcro can be used to resolve the problem.

Pry the covers off the seat bolts at the back of the toilet seat where it attaches to the base of the toilet using the blade of a standard screwdriver.

Loosen both seat bolts by turning them counterclockwise while holding the nut underneath the toilet with your hand. Loosen the bolts using a standard screwdriver just enough to be able to move the seat.

Move the seat forward as far as it will go. Tighten the bolts by turning them clockwise with the screwdriver while holding the bolts underneath with your hand. Snap the bolt covers back in place.

Cut out two small pieces of Velcro from a kit using scissors if the seat is not able to move forward. Place the loop section on the lid, on top the cover and the other section on the back of the tank. The Velcro has a self-adhesive backing and is easy to install.

Things You'll Need

  • Large standard screwdriver
  • Generic Velcro kit
  • Scissors
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