How to Fix a Corrupted Save on "Batman: Arkham Asylum" for the PC

Updated April 17, 2017

"Batman: Arkham Asylum" is an action-adventure game that has users fighting many of Batman's most popular villains after they have escaped from the Arkham Asylum. Players will have to fight through many bosses, which makes the game's save system crucial. Unfortunately, Eidos, the developer of the game, does not allow the game to be saved manually. Automatic checkpoints overwrite existing saves and can sometimes cause corrupted saves. Once a save has been corrupted for "Batman: Arkham Asylum," the only way to fix the file is to restore your computer to a previous backup. In this process, any information that has been created since the last backup will be deleted, unless you save it to an external source.

Click on the "Accessories" folder from the "Start Menu" on your computer's desktop.

Click the "System Tools" folder to reveal several tools for the Windows operating system.

Click the "System Restore" program.

Click "Next" to display your available system restore checkpoints.

Choose a previous system restore checkpoint. Once activated, it will restore your computer and its hard drive to the state it was on the day of the checkpoint. This will cause you to lose any files you've created on your computer since the checkpoint. Also, you will lose some of the progress on your saved game, but it is the only way to salvage your last "Batman: Arkham Asylum" save without starting over.

Backup any data you need to keep to an external hard drive. Any data that was new from the last checkpoint will be erased.

Click "Next" in the "System Restore" program. The window will display the checkpoint that is about to used.

Click "Finish" to restore your computer to the previous checkpoint. The save file should be fixed once the process has finished.

Things You'll Need

  • External hard drive
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