How to Highlight Text in Notepad

Updated April 17, 2017

Notepad is a simple editor available in Windows operating systems. Notepad allows you to enter text to take notes, copy text and insert special items such as the current time and date. Highlighting text in notepad works the same way in other text editing software, such as Microsoft Word. However, there are some special tricks to use when highlighting text in notepad, such as the ability to highlight single words, phrases, whole sentences or paragraphs.

Highlight any text by positioning the mouse cursor at the starting point of the text to highlight. Click the left mouse button and keep the mouse pressed down. Move the mouse cursor to the end of the text you want highlighted.

Highlight specific words by double clicking on any word of interest to higlight the word. A single click removes the highlight.

Combine mouse and keyboard by holding down the shift key, and moving the mouse to your selected endpoint and then click on the left mouse button at that point.

Highlight text right by pressing the shift key and the right arrow key to highlight text to the right of the cursor.

Highlight text to the left of the cursor by pressing the shift key and the left arrow button.

Press in the shift key and the up arrow until all selected text is highlighted to highlight text above the cursor.

Press the shift key and the down arrow to highlight all required text below your current point.

Choose specific words to highlight right from the current point by pressing "control", "shift" and the "right" arrow key until all the words required are selected. To do the same in the opposite direction simply replace the right arrow key with the "left."

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