How to cleanse negative energy from your home of bad luck

Cleaning the home once a week is a task lots of people undertake. However, shining surfaces and sweeping debris does not necessarily cleanse your home of the negative energy of bad luck. Unhappy experiences, caustic encounters with people and just general drudgery can build up in your home making it feel like a negative environment rather than your peaceful sanctuary. Rid your home of bad luck and negative energy by using an ancient technique called smudging. It will take less time than scrubbing your floors and will restore positive energy to your little piece of the world.

Finding your supplies is as easy as going to the computer and searching for a new age supplier. Bundles of sage or sweet grass can be purchased for under £13 as of 2011. Also, while it's traditional in this ceremony to employ a large feather to waft the smudge, if you're against the idea of using a real bird feather, substitute it for a paper fan.

Clean your home as you do every week then gather your supplies into the centre of the largest room in your house. Fill your conch shell or bowl with sand. Light one end of the sage or sweet grass smudge stick. Being conscious of safety at all times let it burn for a minute or so until it begins to smoulder. Smother the flames in your sand filled conch shell so that the smudge stick will smoke.

Cleansing your home of the negative energy of bad luck means setting your intentions. Formalise your intent by creating a blessing that will convey that you want to drive negativity away and allow good luck and positivity to enter. Then holding the smudge stick in one hand and the feather in your other hand, waft the smoke toward your heart, then head and the rest of your body while invoking your blessing out loud.

Begin wafting the smoke from your smudge stick into each corner of the room after setting your intention and smudging yourself as protection against negativity entering into the proceedings. Return to the centre of the room and looking up as if towards the heavens, send your smoke skywards; then leaning close to the floor smudge downwards. Cleanse each of the rooms in your home in the same fashion all the while repeating your blessing against the negativity of bad luck.


Repeat the smudging ceremony as often as you feel your home has been invaded by negativity and bad luck.


If you have kids at home, be conscientious and keep your supplies -- especially the matches -- high up and out of reach.

Things You'll Need

  • Bundle of sage or sweet grass
  • Matches or lighter
  • Conch shell or bowl
  • Large feather
  • Sand
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