How to Draw a Person Holding a Phone

Updated November 21, 2016

Phones are everywhere in the world today. Cellular technology has made mobile phones so prevalent that it is difficult to find a place where you won't see someone holding a phone. Drawing a person holding a phone can be somewhat difficult, but it can be easier if you know the bone structure in the arms and hands and understand how they interact with the phone.

Study the image. Draw a circle to represent the person's head. Draw curved lines around the circle so that it takes on the appearance of a three-dimensional sphere. Draw horizontal and vertical lines in this manner. Pick the centre most horizontal one for the eye line and the centre most vertical one for the nose line. Place the eyes and nose along these lines. Add a mouth in the centre of the vertical line.

Look at the body of the figure and the arm with the hand holding the phone in the image. Create the upper torso by drawing a bigger circle. Connect the head circle with the torso circle by using a cylindrical neck shape. Draw vertical curved lines around the torso circle to suggest its three-dimensions. Decide where the shoulder is and draw a circle to represent it. Draw two cylinders to represent the arm and forearm.

Study the hand holding the phone. Mobile phones are so small these days that they are often held by the tips of a user's fingers as opposed to a grasp from the whole hand. The palm of the hand can be represented by another circle. This can be refined by flattening it out into a rectangle.

Draw the fingers as lines at first, and then draw their cylindrical shapes over the lines. Extend the fingers from the top of the hand rectangle.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Image of a person holding a phone
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