How to Use System Restore for Toshiba Satellite A50

Written by billy kirk | 13/05/2017
How to Use System Restore for Toshiba Satellite A50
Your Toshiba Satellite A50 can be restored using the "System Restore Utility." (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Sometimes, an error so great might plague your Toshiba Satellite A50 that you need to perform a system restore procedure on the computer in order to effectively "turn back the clock" and restore the Satellite A50 back to a previous, operational state. You can utilise the Windows operating system's "System Restore Utility" to restore the Toshiba Satellite A50 back to its original factory settings in short order. No previous system restore experience is necessary.

Back up any important files on your Toshiba Satellite A50 using a flash drive, CD or zip disk. Restoring your Toshiba Satellite A50 using recovery mode wipes your files and saved settings on the machine, so you want to ensure everything is saved on an external drive before proceeding.

Navigate using your mouse to the bottom Windows toolbar on your Toshiba Satellite A50 and click the "Start" button on the right side.

Utilise the search box that pops up in the menu list. Type "System Restore" into this search box. Choose the "System Restore Utility" from the list.

Click "Restore System to Factory Default." This initiates the recovery mode on your Toshiba Satellite A50 and begins the restoration process.

Enter your computer's password if you are prompted. If you do not have your Toshiba Satellite A50 password protected, this is not necessary and you are able to click "Confirm Restoration."

Allow Windows to automatically restart. Choose "OK" when the "Restore from Factory Default" dialogue box appears.

Create a new hard drive partition when prompted. Click "OK." Your Toshiba Satellite A50 restarts. This restarting process stretches on for longer than what is average. Do not be concerned if the restart takes several minutes --- this is normal.

Accept the license terms that pop up on your Toshiba Satellite A50's screen immediately and automatically following the restart. Click the box to accept the terms and then click "OK."

Elect to "Use Recommended Settings" when prompted, then choose "Next."

Enter the location, date and time settings for your Toshiba Satellite A50 computer. Choose "Save."

Wait for the "Thank You" dialogue box to appear on your Toshiba Satellite A50. Click the "Start" button within this dialogue box. Your Toshiba Satellite A50 restarts for the last time. This restart process again takes several minutes, so do not be alarmed.

Reload any pertinent files you saved onto your flash drive, zip disk, CD or other external device.

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