How to change a cell value with vba

Updated July 20, 2017

You may need to change the value in a cell when working with Excel and Visual Basic for Applications, or VBA. With VBA you can modify cells automatically without the need to manually change the values. You can accomplish this task by using the Range object in VBA to select the cell you want to change. Once the cell is selected, then you can use the ActiveCell property to change its value or other properties.

Launch "Microsoft Office Excel" and type "data in A1" in cell A1. Click the "Developer" tab, and click "Visual Basic" to open the VBA Editor Window.

Click the "Insert" menu, and click "Module" to insert a new module.

Create a new String variable by typing the following:

Dim data As String

Copy and paste the following code to change the value in cell A1:


End If

Press "F5" to run the procedure and change the value in A1. Run the procedure a second time, and you will get a message box stating that the data are OK.

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