How to Put a Price on Hand-Knit Baby Sweaters

Updated April 17, 2017

It can be difficult to know how to price handmade items so they will sell. This is true with hand-knit baby items as well. A consumer's desire for knit goods rises and falls, so what may be popular one year, may not sell at all the next. Knowing how much to charge for knit items can take a little guess work and a lot of headaches. Here is a way to help ease the dilemmas that pricing handmade knits can cause.

Visit craft stores, craft fairs and yarn shows to see what is selling. Take note of the baby items that are selling, including the price.

Keep receipts for the materials that you used to create an item. Just because higher priced yarn may have been used, the consumer may not want to pay the additional money for the item.

Keep a record of how many hours you spent knitting an item. Divide this number into the amount you are considering pricing your item, minus the cost of the materials. This will give you an idea of how much is to be made per hour of labour. Consider if this is a reasonable amount to be paid for this job.

A general rule for pricing items is to charge about three to four times the cost of the materials. Would this price be too much to expect for the item?

Things You'll Need

  • receipts for items used
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