How to Change the Battery on a Kindle 2

Updated February 21, 2017

The second generation of the Amazon Kindle took the basic features of the first device and made a few improvements, both to the overall design and to the software feature set. One additional change is that you can no longer easily remove the battery. Amazon decided to put the battery inside of the Kindle 2 case, so if you need to remove it, you have to take the cover off of the device.

Turn the Kindle 2 over, and place it on a table in front of you.

Insert your pry stick into the small gap right above where it reads "Amazon Kindle." This gap separates the large bottom part of the back cover from the smaller top part of the back cover. After the stick is in the gap, move it back and forth while pushing slightly towards the top of the device, to create a larger opening. When the smaller top cover finally releases from its connectors, pull it away from the Kindle 2.

Stand the Kindle 2 upright, and locate the two small Phillips screws that are holding the back cover onto the device. Remove the screws.

Place the Kindle back down on the table. Locate the three small clips that are also securing the back cover to the Kindle 2. These clips are visible in the section revealed when you remove the smaller back cover. To release the clips, push down on each one with your screwdriver or pry stick. After you have disengaged the clips, pull up on the back cover to remove it.

Remove the two small Phillips screws sitting underneath the battery. Then pull up on the battery by placing your screwdriver or pry stick in the small gap just below where either of the two screws were. Once the battery is up slightly, pick it up with your fingers and remove it.

Place the new battery into the battery recess, ensuring that the metal contacts on the battery match up with the metal contacts in the battery recess. Place the side with the contacts in first, then push down on the battery to lower it into place. Replace the two screws underneath the battery.

Put the large back cover back over the Kindle 2. Put it on just slightly lower on the device than it should be, and push it up to lock it into the clips. Tilt the Kindle up and replace the two screws. Put the smaller back cover back into place.


You will probably have to charge the new battery for a little while before you can use the device.

Things You'll Need

  • Pry stick
  • Small Phillips screwdriver
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