How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Someone You Really Love

Updated June 13, 2017

Saying goodbye to someone you love is never an easy task. There is the long, uncertain future ahead. Will the two of you consistently stay in contact? Will you ever see each other again? Is there anything between you that needs to be resolved? Whatever the case, writing a goodbye letter to someone you really love is a meaningful way to end this phase of togetherness in your lives. No matter the distance, you can maintain a close relationship with someone you really love, and writing a letter is an excellent way to begin a long-distance correspondence.

Reminisce about the good times. Recall the unique, amusing or silly moments in your relationship. Using imagery, describe a particularly enjoyable day you had with this person or a single moment that the both of you considered especially fun. Describing these moments in pictures will cause the person you care about to experience the same emotions of joy all over again.

Mend any unresolved conflict between the two of you. Did you say something to hurt or offend the person you care about, but never get around to apologising for it? Make sure to ask for forgiveness in a sincere, honest way. If there was an issue that the two of you never worked out, express your remorse for the situation, demonstrating your desire to be close despite your differences. Put the relationship you have with your loved one over any differing opinions.

Lay out hopes for the future of your relationship. Is the person who you are leaving a good friend with whom you want to someday travel the world? Mention this hope in your goodbye letter. Are you aware that circumstances are currently separating you and your loved one, but you want to eventually live within close proximity her again? Bring this up as well. Just because you cannot be together at this phase of life does not mean that the future does not hold different things in store.

Thank your loved one for his friendship. A wonderful way to conclude your goodbye letter is to thank the person you love for his companionship and care. Let him know everything he means to you; do not leave out any details. Since this is the last time you may be seeing your friend for a while, it is important that you express all your emotions and do not leave anything important unsaid. You never know when you will see this person again.

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