How to Make Dog Beds Out of Old Jeans

Updated November 21, 2016

If you have sewing skills, put them to good use to make a comfortable resting place for your canine companion. You will need a sewing machine that can handle denim. If yours is capable of doing that, you're on your way to making DIY, upcycled beds for all the pets in your life of every shape and size. Old jeans make the ideal material for dog beds because they're soft from wear but still durable enough to withstand chewing.

Choose a large pillow to use as the base for your pet bed. If your dog is especially large, you may need to put two pillows together to make the bed big enough for him. Measure around all four sides of the pillow or pillows. Add 1 inch to these measurements and record them.

Cut off the legs of an old pair of jeans as high on the thigh as possible. Cut down one side of the leg along the inner seam to make one flat piece of denim; repeat this with the second leg.

Lay one piece of denim down on the table with the right side facing up. Put the other piece of denim on top of this with the right side down. Measure and cut the denim to match the measurements you recorded in step one.

Pin the jeans together on both long sides and one short side using straight pins. Sew a straight seam around these three sides, positioning your seam 1/2 inch in from the outside edge of the fabric. Go back over the edges of the fabric, just outside the seams, using a zigzag stitch to secure the seams.

Turn the pet bed right side out through the side you did not sew. Insert the pillow into the pet bed and pin the open edges closed, folding in the raw edges as you do so. Sew across the unsewn edge.


To make a bigger pet bed, sew two jean leg pieces together side by side to make the top of the pillow and sew two pieces together for the bottom. Then put them together to sew around the edges as outlined in step four. You will need two pair of jeans to make the larger pillow.

Things You'll Need

  • Large pillow
  • Measuring tape
  • Old jeans
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
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