How to add a footer with indesign cs5

Creating easy-to-use documents is often as important as the text that is in the document. Adding footers to a document is one of the easiest ways to make a document more usable. Footers are elements that appear at the bottom of each page such as page numbers, copyright dates, company information and document names. Most word processing programs and desktop publishing programs allow you to add footers that are constant on every page. Adobe InDesign also lets you create different footers for right hand pages than left hand pages in case you want page numbers on the outside of the margins. It also provides several preset, automatic features such as page numbers.

Click "Window" on the menu bar and select "Pages" to open the pages panel.

Click on the flyout menu and select "New Master."

Select the "text tool." Draw a text frame on the left master page where you want the footer.

Enter the desired text for the footer on all left pages. Add any additional graphic elements as well.

Add automatic page numbers if desired. Click on the "Type" menu and hover over "Insert Special Characters" then "Markers." Select "Current Page Number," "Next Page Number" or "Previous Page Number" to automatically display updated page information.

Add text variables if desired. Click on the "Type" menu and hover over "Text Variables" then "Insert Variables." Select the desired predefined variable; for example select "Last Page Number" to have InDesign display last page number in the document.

Repeat these steps on the right master for footers on all right pages.

Drag the new master pages onto the InDesign pages in the "Pages" palette where you want the footer to appear.

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