How to Unlock a Samsonite Suitcase

Updated March 28, 2017

Samsonite makes luggage, baggage and suitcases. Among its product lines are suitcases with either a combination lock or small padlock. These small locks provide one more barrier to prevent theft. Benefits of these small locks are being able to lock and unlock the suitcase quickly, good for modern TSA screenings and travel. To unlock the suitcase a combination is required or the key to the included padlock.

Insert the key into the small padlock for such suitcases as the xSpace series. These suitcases use a small padlock between zippers on the main compartment. Insert and turn counterclockwise to pop open the locks for access to the main compartment.

Turn the combination tumblers on hard shell cases such as the Black Label series. Start on the far left tumbler and turn the dial to the first number in the combination code.

Move to the nest tumbler and spin to the next number in the combination code. Continue down the line entering all combination code numbers until you reach the end. Open and access the main compartment.


Hard shelled Samsonite combination locks are "Fixed TSA combination locks." This allows security checks of the luggage, if necessary, with no damage to the bag or lock by TSA staff.

Things You'll Need

  • Suitcase combination or key, model depending


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