How to get air bubbles out of screen for phone

Updated March 23, 2017

A cell phone can be a big investment for some people, so accessories such as a screen protector may be purchased to better protect the phone. The screen protector reduces the chance of scratches occurring. It's generally a transparent sticker sheet that you lay on top of the screen, but when it is not applied properly, air bubbles may form under the sheet. There are ways to remove the air bubbles.

Locate any air bubbles in the midsection of the screen and work on one air bubble at a time with a credit card edge before moving to air bubbles located on the edge of the screen.

Hold the credit card in your hand with the shorter length side pointing outward from your fingertips. Angle it like a snow shovel with your palm facing down.

Use the credit card and slowly push down and forward on the air bubble's edge toward the closest edge of the phone. Continue this process as you see the air bubble move closer to the edge, until it is removed.

Remove air bubbles appearing on the edge of the protector by placing scotch tape over the section and leaving 1 inch of tape to hang off the edge of the phone's surface.

Fold the hanging tape end under so that you have a tab that does not stick.

Grab the tab and pull out and up to remove the air bubble on the edge. Remove the tape. Continue this process if additional air bubbles need to be removed from the edge.


Read all instructions provided with the screen protector before applying it to your phone. One of the steps will be to wipe your screen clean. If your screen was not wiped clean prior to application, dust particles may be the cause of air bubbles that are not removable.


Sticky film may be left behind on your screen from the scotch tape. Remove it by gently picking up the remains with your fingernails or rubbing it off with your finger.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit card
  • Sellotape
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