How to Stretch Text in Microsoft Word

Updated July 20, 2017

Microsoft Word gives you the ability to create many types of print-formatted documents, including letters, resumes, forms, brochures, envelopes and labels. The program includes a host of text formatting options that allow you to quickly change type faces, colours, line spacing and paragraph alignment. Word also offers a text stretching option, but people often fail to find it because it does not appear on any of the main menu bars. Once you know where to look, however, stretching a block of text in your Word document becomes a quick task.

Highlight within Microsoft Word the section of text you want stretched.

Select the "Home" tab, located near the top-left corner of the program window.

Click the double-headed arrow located at the bottom-right corner of the "Font" section within the resulting menu bar.

Select the "Advanced" tab located at the top of the Font dialogue box if you use Word 2010. In Word 2007, select the "Character Spacing" tab instead.

Enter the amount you want Word to stretch the text, as a percentage value (e.g., "150%"), within the "Scale" field.

Click "OK" to confirm the change. The section of text you highlighted in Step 1 is stretched immediately.

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