How to Look Up Who Called Me

Written by nicholas smith | 13/05/2017
How to Look Up Who Called Me
Look up who called you in your phone's call log. (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Of the numerous features available in mobile phones, your have the ability to review your call history. Phone-call histories list recent and older incoming and outgoing calls. Although the steps may differ based on your specific phone model, the steps are generally the same. Call logs don't merely list the phone numbers of callers, they can also include the names of those callers stored in your phone's address book.

Press the red "End" button to access the device's home screen.

Press "Send" to access the call history menu.

Locate incoming calls in the list displayed on the screen. Incoming calls are signified by a phone and an orange, left-pointing arrow. By contrast, outgoing calls feature a right-pointing arrow.

Press "End" to access the device's home screen.

Press "Send," "Menu" and then "Options."

Select "Call Logging" from the list of options displayed. Select "All Calls" to view both recent and missed calls.

Press "End" to access your phone's home screen.

Press the "Send" button to view recent incoming and outgoing calls.

Press "Menu," "View" and then "All Calls" to view your complete call history.

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