How to Reset an Avaya 4621

Updated February 21, 2017

You must reset your Avaya 4621 IP phone for certain troubleshooting steps. You can reset the phone by dialling a specific set of keys and following the prompts. The reset function can be disabled in the Avaya administrative software, so if this process does not work, contact your administrator or information technology support.

Place the receiver on the cradle and wait for the phone to become idle.

Press and release the "MUTE" button, then dial "73738#." If a passcode was set on the system, dial the passcode after pressing "MUTE".

Look at the phone display. It will say "Reset values?." Press the "#" key for yes.

Press "#" again to confirm. The phone will display "Resetting values". The process takes a few minutes.

Wait for the "Restart phone?" prompt to appear, then press "#" to restart the phone.


If PROCSTAT is set to 1 under the administration software, you cannot reset the phone.

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