How to decorate for a barn party

Updated April 17, 2017

A barn-themed party is a more recent trend that has taken the party-planning world by storm. City slickers enjoy kicking back with some traditional farm-themed supplies and pretending they're country folk in the same manner some people would have a Halloween costume party. You can opt to hold the party in an actual barn if its available or simply a normal area with barn decorations. Remember to set the mood with all the appropriate items and accoutrements to make your barn party a heck of a good time for all those yokels that attend!

Select a wide-open room or space with plenty of area for dancing and decorations. Use a barn, a large meeting/conference room or a living room.

Decorate the space with farm-themed items like hay bales, imitation farm equipment and possibly farm animals. Rent a petting zoo or a small pony to add authenticity to your party. Place empty milk or moonshine jugs around the vicinity. Include standard party decorations in addition, like streamers, party banners and noise makers if you choose.

Send out invitations announcing the barn-themed party before the date arrives.

Hire a country or folk band. You'll want some acoustic guitar players, a fiddler and a banjo player. Supply your own instruments if possible, and allow friends to play.

Dress up in country clothing like old jeans or overalls. Men should wear flannel or plaid shirts with straw hats. Women might opt for old-style dresses and floral or print patterns with cowboy hats.

Greet partygoers with a "hello y'all" as they enter. Consider letting a weed or a small stalk hang from your mouth.

Serve country lemonade or punch to guests. Cook and set out country foods like ears of corn, vegetables, biscuits and meat loaf.


Be sure to send out invitations at least 2 to 3 weeks before the event. Plan to have the band hired and the decorations set up at least a few days prior to the party, if not earlier. According to Dian Warner's Big Book of Parties, you should never "invite more guests than you can comfortably accommodate," so keep in mind the size of your barn venue.


Unattended farm animals may be hazardous to partygoers welfare.

Things You'll Need

  • Hay bales
  • Farm clothing
  • Farm equipment
  • Party decorations
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